Hello, and welcome. This is the home of a freelance web developer from Gateshead, England. He has been designing, building and managing websites for nearly eight years. In 2008 he graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Computer Science and began working for Enigma Interactive. Whilst under their employment he planned, built and maintained a number of high profile and award-winning websites for major clients including ITV, Barbour and Rowland's Pharmacy.

Simon is competent in HTML & CSS, can make things dance across your screen with JavaScript and can provide you with a stable and secure content management system to fit all your needs.

He is able to cater for websites of all shapes and sizes, and turn his hand to all kinds of development task when needed. There's no "can't do", but sometimes there might be a little bit of "yeah, I'll take a look at that and get back to you".

He works for clients and/or employers, does exactly what they ask, does it efficiently and correctly, and when it's done everybody is smiling.

What else can he do? Plenty!

Oh, and he's a bit of a whiz with flash & actionscript; although with HTML5 and CSS3 there are better alternatives for a lot of work.

If you're still interested, his other clients include:

And if you're wanting to get in touch you can email him.